Fakebook to Fake Banksy, 2013 has been a big year for impressive sounding things that earned a lot less money than you think.

Well, there's still time for one more big entry. Ineffable Pictures has purchased the film rights to Fakebook.


Now I want to be clear—this is not a guarantee that a movie will be made. No actors are attached and no script has been written. In fact, it's very possible that Fakebook goes no further than this announcement.

But it does mean that there are producers in Hollywood actively trying to develop my stupid Facebook page into a feature film. This is completely bonkers.

So what happens next?

Who the hell knows! But that's been the fun of this whole endeavor—from the very first Fakebook post to today—seeing what happens next.

It's humbling to think that four years ago this all started with a couple of friends sitting around a table, joking about things we thought no one would believe. Now I'm announcing something I don't totally believe.

It's pretty wild—and I can't thank everyone enough for being the kind of amazing, hilarious, insightful, and spectacular people that made this social experiment worthwhile, worth writing about, and (hopefully) soon worth seeing on the big screen.

And now, because this is how most things should end, I'll leave you with a relevant clip from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.