This is one of those crazy moments where it suddenly feels real. Fakebook got it's first review in the June 17 issue of Publisher's weekly. And it's a good one.  

In a wacky and bold memoir about identity in this cockeyed social media environment, Cicirelli amuses himself at the expense of his relatives, friends, and Facebook family by concocting a fake virtual self that goes completely bonkers. Cicirelli—a 26-year-old Walter Mitty–type who feels life is passing him by, with all of his Facebook pals achieving undeserved success—decides to shake up his existence, creating a raucous Web version of himself with a mischievous, gonzo sensibility but completely lacking in conscience. He blames the excesses on his hell-raising bloodlines, but says he never thought his “Fake Dave” online persona would become popular. He describes tapping into “a part of me who liked… seeing how far I could take it.” Those who follow Dave on Facebook react with shock and horror as they watch his electronic double go through various fake life-changing episodes trashing an Amish buggy, and clashing with the faithful and the law before the scam runs out of steam. Cicirelli’s comic online fever-dream is told with style and is a knockout.

It's really wild to see, and I'm completely humbled.

And just a reminder...Fakebook is available for pre-order now!