Banksy's true art isn't done with paint. It's done with people.

I mean, just look what his month long "residency" did to the city of New York. He completely took over the public consciousness of the most jaded town in the world. Like a comic book super-villain, he took to the airwaves and announced his graffiti crime wave. The mayor spoke out. The citizens went crazy. The police were made fools of. And the mastermind escaped in grand fashion.

He also inspired copy cats. Like me.

I'm a hoax artist. The piece of mine you may have heard of Fake Banksy Sells Out an unsanctioned sequel to Banksy's infamous Central Park Art Sale A week after the real Banksy struggled to sell any authentic art, my collaborators* and I sold out of knock-off canvases in less than an hour, even though they were explicitly marked as fake. The story went viral.

Around the same time I published Fakebook: A True Story Based On Actual Lies. It's my memoir about an epic social media hoax where, unbeknown to my friends and family, I secretly fictionalized my life on social media for six-months. There was forbidden love in Amish country, doomsday cults, run-ins with the Minute Men on the US/Mexico border...I got weird with it. And this all happened long before anyone read about Fakecations on Buzzfeed.

So to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Banksy’s invasion of New York, the Fake Banksy Sells Out piece that he made possible, and the publishing Fakebook, I’ve created a limited run of Fake Banksy Edition copies of Fakebook.

This is original art. I cut the stencil myself, and painted just 25 jackets. Each is numbered and signed. I'm even including a legally notarized “bookmark of inauthenticity,” guaranteeing that Fakebook book was not written by Banksy.

Want one? Posts the image below on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #FakebookBanksy. Every like or favorite you get will count as another raffle ticket. Every shares and retweets you get counts 3X.

The 10 winners will be selected on October 25thOh yeah, and you should totally just buy a copy too. I mean, Penthouse called it "uniquely funny and unexpectedly illuminating." Just saying...


Good luck!

*Fake Banksy Sells Out was done with Lance Pilgrim, George Gross, and Mike Pilgrim. Look up their work—they get up to a lot of cool stuff!