The knowing an unknowing collaborators of Fakebook.

The Mastermind (?)

He's way too handsome. No one will believe he pretended to have a girlfriend on the internet.

Meet Dave Cicirelli, the man who spent six months of his life burning bridges and ruining his reputation. It takes a rare mix of creativity and a immaturity to attempt something like Fakebook. He also has a bad habit of writing about himself in the third person.

Have these people never played The Oregon Trail? You never start in October.
— Dave Cicirelli

The Folk Hero

He's had a lot of work done.

Intended to be a parody of the free spirit and the butt of the joke, Fake Dave's mix of reckless daring and dashing good looks quickly made him the most popular Dave Cicirelli on the internet.

The Pretend Girlfriend

I hear Amish romance novels are huge right now.

Kate and Dave never met face-to-face, but that didn't stop their photographs from having a turbulent love affair. Fake Dave and Amish Kate's relationship were shunned by their families, but embraced by the Fakebook audience.

It's pretty hard to blow it in a relationship you're scripting...but Dave found a way.

His Pissed Off Dad

Look at that hair. 66 years old, and barely any salt to that pepper. Cicirelli's are built to last.

The father/son drama Ralph helped enact became a source of both credibility and gossip among the voyeurs in the real Cicirelli family.

Quit this bohemian bullshit and go to law school.
— Ralph Cicirelli

The Secret Foil

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

An early, devoted follower to Dave's "travels" who uncovered the ruse. Rather than expose the secret, he turned the tables and created his own shadow network of collaborators to bring the consequences of Fake Dave's actions to real Dave's doorstep.

The 'Mayor'

The dudes got like 1,600 friends. Careful, or you might be next.

Ted Kaiser was a key collaborator, and the eyes and ears of Fakebook back in Cicirelli's home town of Red Bank, NJ.

The Voice of Reason

Christine...presumably on her way to confession.

Christine Reardon was a sometimes critic, sometimes supporter of Fakebook. Her advice changed the course of Fakebook, possibly because she had a direct line to Dave's deep rooted Catholic guilt.

The Girl On The Train

We met waiting for the train. I do good work under deadline.

Right when every girl the Real Dave ever liked is finally paying attention to him, he meets stunning and intelligent woman who would totally make every one of them jealous—and it has to be secret.


The New Boss

A boss so bad, only the subtlety of stock photography can do him justice.

Of all the red flags your boss can raise on your first day, asking "Where's your compooter" ranks pretty high.

Spoiler alert: This gig sucked.

The Knowing and Unknowing Audience

What? You guys can't take a joke?

The reactions and conversations that happened with every post created a lively improv theater.

Also...sometimes people would send me on a spiral of guilt and self doubt.

Hey Dave. I never posted a comment before, but I’ve been silently following your story. I just want to say thanks. Your story has given me the courage to quit my job.
— Someone whose message gave me a panic attack
Great. You’ve somehow become an arrogant hobo.
— Steve Cuccinello
Umm...Can we talk about what is going on with your face?
— Elliott Askew
It’s not so much that you’re standing next to the Boss, but that you’re in a Blockbuster that is blowing my mind.
— Erin Brennan Hanson
Elizabeth, let’s be serious—how many guys with throat tattoos live to be “old men?”
— Joe Moscone