Highlights in absurdity

Status updates and very bad photoshop—that's all it took to convinces hundreds of people of an absurd cross country adventure that never happened. Here are some of the ridiculous highlights.

How much would you have believed?

Hate crime in lancaster county

Not only did people believe Dave Cicirelli hiked all the way to Amish County just to toilet paper a horse and buggy, but they also believed he was prosecuted as a hate criminal for it!


I hear AMISH Romance novels are huge Right now.

People also believed Fake Dave ran away with the farmers daughter. Women love real Dave Cicirelli, so this was totally believable.


Homeboy got beat up

You should see the other guy.


On second thought, walking is stupid

After freight hopping for a week, Fake Dave and Amish Kate found themselves living in a tent in the Arizona desert. Times like this made life on the photoshopped road seem awfully appealing.



Yeah, rabies. Oh yeah, if you look close you can see a bowtie tattoo that also didn't exist.


Boarder crossing

After a daring escape from a doomsday cult, Fake Dave found himself south of the boarder without a passport. He looked to less-than-legal means to get back...


Run ins with the minute men

It didn't end well.


And so much more.

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